Saturday, July 25, 2009

Naples Foreclosure Homes

On July 1st there were a total of 144 Naples foreclosure homes on the market or roughly 3 percent of the total number of active listing with the Naples area.

During the month of June a total of 263 homes offers were presented to either banks, lenders, or REO companies which were accepted, thus pending sale. The number of Naples foreclosures which pended equated to approximately 26 percent of the 1126 homes which had offers accepted.

During the month of June a total of 164 foreclosed homes were sold, which represents about 43 percent of 43 percent of total of 377 homes sold.

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Costa Rica Retirement said...

43% is a great number considering that we are still in the middle of the real estate crisis

Miami Beach Condos said...

Interesting figures. Certainly a much lower number than what's often reported here in Miami.