Monday, August 25, 2014

Stonebridge Country Club - Condos - Median Sold Price

Below is a graphical presentation of the median price paid for condominiums in Stonebridge Country Club in Naples, Florida for the years 2004 thru July 2014.

In 2006, the median sold price peaked at $455,000.

The low point was in 2011 with the median sold price at $186,000.

You learn more about Stonebridge Country Club and view currently available condos for sale by clicking on the link above.

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Naples Homes Market Update for July

Naples real estate market update for homes – July. 

Naples homes sold during 2014 have a median sold price of $335,000. Last year the median sold price was $280,000.

The median sold price increased 19.6%.
(The median sold price is the middle price, where half of the sales are of lower value and half are of higher value.)

Naples homes for sale was 1,909; down from the previous month’s 1,975.

Read the rest of the story - Naples Real Estate Blog

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