Friday, April 07, 2006

Bonita zoning board approves homes east of I-75

The Bonita Springs Zoning Board today approved of a 500-acre rezoning request that will allow for 1,601 homes to be built east of Interstate 75.

The request to rezone came from the Ronto Group, which is seeking to develop the third portion of its 1,299-acre project. The two other segments were rezoned in June, and this final rezoning could bring the total number of new houses up to 3,600.

The few concerns raised to the presenters mainly addressed the issue of increased traffic, as the third phase is projected to bring more than 10,000 additional cars to Bonita Beach Road. The development agreement between the city and the Ronto Group requires the developer to expand Bonita Beach Road to four lanes from Bonita Grande to its phase three site, where the road will end. The cost of the road expansion and extension is estimated to cost $28.5 million.

The case will have its first reading in the Bonita Springs City Council on May 3.

(Source: Naples Daily News 04/07/2006)

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