Tuesday, March 21, 2006

February Real Estate Statistics

The statistics presented here represent a comparision of real estate activity that has taken place through the Naples MLS for the month of February and calendar year-to-date for 2006 and 2005:

Closed sales:Feb '06Feb '05
Single family homes206372
Closed sales:YTD '06YTD '05
Single family homes440695

Pending sales:Feb '06Feb '05
Single family homes230634
Pending sales:YTD '06YTD '05
Single family homes4391,113

Real estate activity is down from last year - closings in total down about 32% on a year to date basis, while pending sales are down about 36% also on a year to date basis.

The pending sales show a slight upward trend from January pending sales. This is a good sign, that real estate transactions are starting to pick up.

Another key indicator of the market is to look at median prices of both closed sales and pending sales to get a further idea of where property values are going. This analysis will be presented in another posting.

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